New Book!

A Field Guide To American Houses



This is for my American House Project, understanding american houses styles and the elements that define each one of them is a key for my project. One of the goals for this project is to make it viable, well, a house without style is not viable for an american family. For a house loveable is part of being viable.

I get tons of inspiring images a Pinterest Board i created for this project, i invite you to take a look and please share with me whatever american house that seems loveable for you.

Inspiration works, but the formal knowledge is always needed, people like Virginia Savage McAlester worked on the same subject of house styles for decades, documented and placed her research into this favoulous piece that is just great.

The book itself is perfect for my goals, it is not a fancy picture collection of beautiful houses, it is a complete historical and constructive document of every houses styles supported by schematics and sample pictures with analysis of the proportions, layouts, architecture and decorative elements used on every style along time on the american territory. I would say that is a general and professional knowledge, also a good reference book. It is paperback and has over 800 pages so definitely it is not an actual “field guide”, lets say, if someone is planning to use it to go on the streets of Savannah to figure out houses styles it won’t be confortable at all, to use it on the actual field I recommend buying the Kindle Version.

Here are some of the pages of the book, yo can have a better look inside and buy it on this amazon link

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