Pure Contemporary Style

Super Modernist Lakehouse in Minnesota
new Lakehouse in Minnesota

Hey guys, today I’m sharing a Pure Contemporary Style, my new Lakehouse project in Minnesota.

new Lakehouse in Minnesota

It is a house that I’m designing for an extended family moving to Bemidji Lake. They love and request a super modernist contemporary house style. Clean and pure lines define this design. Solid and recognizable geometric shapes embody this house project.

Lake House Floor Plan Setch

Firstly, with this house, you might notice that I got back to my illustration sketch mode. I think that rough lines do not go with this super modernist style. So, clean and straight lines are better suited for this look. You can see how I changed my mind right after my first sketch.

Contemporary Style, my new Lakehouse in Minnesota

You might also notice that I almost made disappear the background elements, leaving just a thin fog and a subtle representation of the lake on the horizon.

new Lakehouse in Minnesota

I must say that it was unexpectedly hard to do this one. Achieving the depth of every element and the right texture to keep the overall cleanness wasn’t easy. There are a lot of almost invisible features playing.

Finally, all of the layers that I used in my previous illustration sketches are present. Obviously, the lights’ glow confirms that. It is always good to have handy tools to overcome awkward situations.

Contemporary Style, my new Lakehouse in Minnesota

That is how the Digital Sketch learning process has been going. Pure Contemporary Style, my new Lakehouse in Minnesota has been a tough one.

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