Outstanding Modern Farmhouse

Golf Course Farmhouse Sketches
Outstanding Modern Farmhouse Elevation

During the first meeting with that client, the couple made this statement: We want an Outstanding Modern Farmhouse on a golf course. So it became the leitmotiv along the process.

This house had to have it all. They needed, three levels, a covered patio, a great room, a wine cellar, a media room, outdoor cooking, and all the necessary glass to enjoy the stunning views of the golf course.

Outstanding Modern Farmhouse Elevation

If you have seen my previous posts about Digital Sketching, you would have noticed that I use three sketching phases. The first one is in orange color, the rough phase. Then I come with the second phase, corrections in terracotta color. Finally, I apply the black color as the definitive outlines and details.

Lately, I decided to go back to rough sketches, so I’ve been back to orange drawings, but it doesn’t have to be always like that. If rough is definitive, then it can be any color I want, so I decided to grey.

You still can see a single-color sketch drawn in two layers, one for the background and one for the subject. I wanted to make this one look like a digital version of a graphite drawing, bringing the color but not the textures.

Outstanding Modern Farmhouse Elevation

The pursuit of an Outstanding Modern Farmhouse brought more ideas to my new digital sketching direction. Now I’m sure that I made the right decision in stepping back to rough for a while.

Some of the images that came to my mind are in my Pinterest account, check that out!