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Brick Farmhouse Design

Farmhouse at Tanglewood

This contemporaneous Farmhouse is a design for a suburban, modern family.
It is a single-story solution with a side entrance garage connected directly with a Utility Hall, right before the Kitchen.

The Social areas of the Dining and Living room are in an Open Space full of possibilities for the layout of the furniture. That Space focuses on windows on the back wall looking toward the patio, letting green and light in. There is also a Covered Back Porche to enjoy sunny days. The Great Space separates the 2 Bedrooms and a Bathroom from the Master Suite. Also, the Master Bedroom displays a double window set and a door to a private porch that enjoys the patio.

The Farmhouse is a house style reminiscent of the houses built on agricultural lands. It represents the meaning of a solid yet elegant shelter for its owner. It also means a way of life. Although It has been here for centuries, it will stay for many more. It is a timeless architectural style that continuously adapts to the times and places.

Smith House - Custom Design Brick Farmhouse Rear 3D Render

This Farmhouse Design has been commissioned by Ceci Bates. Check out the design process, look at the Sketches

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