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French Style

Florida Style House

Retirement House in Alabama

This gorgeous house is designed for a coastal lifestyle. It features different indoor-outdoor gathering spaces. Also, we designed it to showcase functional and still comfortable areas. The design takes advantage of the weather conditions and displays an Al Fresco porch at the front of the house.

This Florida Style House features a 2-Car Garage with rear access from a back alley. Coming in from the Garage, you get access to the Mud Room. From there, you also have access to a Laundry.

This house displays a cozy Covered Porch crowned by a Dormer on the front. Tall windows and columns frame emphasizes the Main Entrance. That covered entrance leads directly into a Great Room that holds the Living and Dining space and Kitchen. After the Great Room, you find a hallway leading you to the Master Suite and the Secondary Bedrooms.

There is an Alfresco space enclosed in louvered windows facing the front of the house. That is by far the most beautiful touch of this piece adapted to Golf Shore’s warm and wet weather.

Florida Style House - Custom House Design

My portfolio keeps growing with houses from different places and also featuring different styles. Give it a look, you might something that suits your needs.

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