House Specs

Modern Farmhouse Style

Golf Course with a Casita

Modern Farmhouse at Rock Creek

We designed this Golf Course House with a Casita for a couple about to retire but staying active with social and sports activities.
The main goal is to split the Main House from the Guest´s quarters using a Casita.
The Main House features an extra-sized garage with space for storage, a workshop, and golf carts. The Master Suite is on the right side of the house and connects internally with the utility spaces so the owners can easily access the Laundry and Mudroom.
The opposite side of the house displays two Rooms with a Shared Bathroom in the middle. One of those rooms will be a Library. In the center of the house is the Great Room holding the Kitchen and the Living Room. On one side of it, we placed the Formal Dining Room.
Outdoor Living is crucial for this house, so we added a comfortable covered patio to allow different activities.

The Guest´s Quarters are on a Casita that also holds a Game Room and is tilted towards the main focal point, the backyard.
The backyard will have a Pool and a few Putting Greens to play with friends and family.

The multi-awarded builder, Ceci Bates Custom Homes, will build this Golf Course House with a Casita in Rock Creek, Gordonville. You can also check out the sketches that gave birth to this house.

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