House Specs

Contemporary Style

Minimalist by the Pond

Midcentury Modern

This Minimalist House at the lake was created for a modern family with an exquisite sense of style.

A set of cubic elements represent outside each internal area of the house. We created a volume for the Garage, another for the Private Areas, and another for the Gathering spaces. A set of vertical and horizontal plans define the front of the house, which features a side entrance that you access through a bridge over a pond.

The Private areas are located on the Right Wing of the house, while the social and gathering areas are on the opposite side. On the Main Floor, coming from the Garage, we find the Mudroom and a hallway that takes us to the secondary Bedrooms and the Stairs. On the opposite side is a Guest Bedroom and the Great Room in the middle of the house.

The Upper Level follows the same layout. The private areas are on the right with the Master Quarters, a Meditation Room, and a nursery overlooking the Great Room. On the opposite side is a gathering area with a library, a sitting nook for snacks, homework, and table games. Connecting Both sides, we find a Catwalk overlooking the Great Room.

The rear of the house is completely open to the large natural pond. We have Balconies, a Deck, and a lot of windows facing that fantastic view. The Texas sunset will wash the house and reflect on the water.

This Minimalist House at the lake Design is a project we created for a Ceci Bates Custom Homes client. They are taking care of all the high-end details necessary to build this Unique Piece of Architecture.

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