Modern Farmhouse – Custom House Design

Modern Farmhouse – Custom House Design in Texas

  • 2,415 Sq Ft Living area
  • 1 Floor
  • 2 Bedrooms
  • 2 Bathrooms
  • Studio
  • 3 Car Garage
  • Modern Farmhouse

This magnificent Modern Farmhouse is a great option for an entertaining retired family. It features a main gathering area as the heart of the house. Also, we designed it to enjoy stunning views from the rear. Even more, we added a large Covered Patio that duplicates that gathering space.

Modern Farmhouse - Custom House Design

Firstly, this house floor plan is based on the traditional H shape Farmhouse layout. Then, right in the middle, on the front elevation, we find the Main Entrance. We also covered it with a Floating Pergola suspended with wires. The entrance also displays a lot of windows surrounding French Doors. That gives the see-through effect that lets us see the backyard through the great room from the front door.

Modern Farmhouse - Floor Plan

That covered entrance leads us straight to the main area. There is no Foyer as a prelude to the Great Room. So, when we get it, we start to enjoy the large space with extra high vaulted ceilings decorated with white beams. The Great Room is a large container of all the social activities of the house. It lets the natural light coming in from east and west through high windows displayed as ribbon on top of the space.

Modern Farmhouse - Front Elevation

Even more, The Great Room displays accordion doors that allow us to seamlessly connect the indoor and outdoor spaces. Then we can turn it all into a single large space at any given time when family and guests arrive. That space is large enough to accommodate different seating options. So we have the traditional sofa area in front of the fireplace, and also a chair situation as well as a tea table.

The Kitchen has a U shape layout, with a Coffee Bar in one wing, the Sink with a view on the other, and the gas range in the middle section. There is also a huge Center Island that allows accommodating up to eight people. Right outside the kitchen window, which we can use as a pass trough, we have the Outdoor Cooking station.

Moder Farmhouse Interior

The Private Spaces are not particularly large. In fact, this house only has two bedrooms, a Master Bedroom with access to the Covered Patio and the Master Bathroom. And a Guests Bedroom though in having grandkids for the holidays. Instead of having a third bedroom in this house, our client decided to have a Studio. So we set it facing the back yard with sliding glass doors to have access. We followed our concept rules, so we opened the studio to the great room, creating a private but still connected space. Also, the studio shares a Full Bathroom with the Guests Bedroom.

The Covered Patio has access from the great room, the Master Bedroom, and the Studio. It has plenty of space, also an Outdoor Cooking station, and a modern Outdoor Fireplace. As you can see, all the gathering spaces and even the private spaces seamlessly connected. That flow was the initial concept for this house, and we kept it until the end.

Modern Farmhouse - Front Elevation

On the Exterior, we went with white painted brick and light grey stones. All the framing is black to make accents all around the house. We went with a black metal roof for the roofs that give that modern and slick appeal to the house. Using the same material, we added awnings above some of the windows as accents and remembrance of the traditional Farmhouse that inspired us.

Our partner, Ceci Bates Custom Houses, will build this Modern Farmhouse – Custom House Design in Pottsboro.