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Retirement House at the Lake

This Retirement House at the Lake is designed for a retired couple moving to Lake Texoma, Texas. I keep showcasing the most relevant project from my Lakehouses Catalog to give you perspective on our taste and skills in Residential Design.

With this piece, we accomplished a Custom House Design following a detailed client´s requirements. We started with a dream of a house, and we went through the process of analysis of the lot conditions, location, visuals, and understanding the client´s goals. The square footage, style, room list, and layout were covered as listed in the column beside.

The result is this beautiful Farmhouse that got the client in love. The functionality, flow, the balance between value and cost were more than satisfactory. They fell utterly in love with the look of their dream house from the initial sketches. Keeping that beloved image in mind and making it work with the program was the challenge we succeeded in.

Here are some rendered images we made to illustrate realistic visuals of how this house will look outside and inside. Also, a floor plan with the overall layout is featured to show the flow we accomplished.

Retirement House at the Lake

As usual, the builder selected by the client got a complete set of plans to bid on and build this Retirement House at the lake. The plans follow specific details the builder required to match their building standards. Also, we provide a 3D virtual model so the client can experience their house by navigating it. The virtual model is also helpful in the field since the subcontractors can easily visualize the goals of the building they are working on.

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