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Prairie House - Digital Sketch

Hi everyone! I’m back. I’m sharing this Prairie House – Digital Sketch.

I usually get hired for a complete House design, they can be Spec Houses or my favorite which are Custom Houses. However, In some cases, architects hire me to make illustrations of their work. In other cases, like this one, they come to me with a defined floor plan for elevation solutions.

I usually make tweaks and adjustments to the floor plans to get better results. Then I start making suggestions on the initial design until we get the desired balance between the interior and the look of the house.

I really enjoy the challenge of doing this for other professionals. It is difficult to create a good image based on someone else’s design. furthermore, this kind of work needs to be approved by a professional before being shown to the client. So it is even more challenging, and of course more rewarding when you get the job done.

I’m proud of this one, I like the improvement that I gave to this house. I loved the impact it caused on my client. This Prairie House Sketch also added experience to my Digital Sketch learning process.

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