Rustic Modern Farmhouse

Sketches a Lake Texoma House
Rustic also Modern Farmhouse Sketch Rear Elevation

Hey guys, thanks for coming back. Today I’m sharing a Rustic also modern farmhouse, my new Lakehouse project in Texoma Lake. 

This house is going to be shared by three families over weekends and holidays. It is located on a steep slope that gets straight into the lake. So it has a stunning view, and of course, it is a piece to be shown on the lakeside.

Rustic also Modern Farmhouse Sketch Floor Plan

Firstly, you need to know that this piece’s owners are in love with the Modern and Rustic styles. They like the look of the reclaimed wood and all the aged elements from the Rustic style.
They also love the clean lines of the modern style. I wanted to bring that mix to this conceptual presentation. So I went with rough sketches of Modern Farmhouse with rustic finishes. Rustic wood walls crowned with slick, shiny metal roofs.

Rustic also Modern Farmhouse Sketch Front Elevation

I keep detailing my floor plans. At least on this one, I didn’t draw shadows and highlights. That is the best I could do this time.

I showed you that I am working on getting rid of the black lines in my previous post. I’m still working on it. Underneath all those black lines and shadows, there is a work on texture and ambient occlusion that I’m improving before taking that step. However, I think that this concept goes very well with all those chaotic black lines.

Rustic also Modern Farmhouse Sketch Rear Elevation

That is how the Digital Sketch learning process has been going. Rustic also modern farmhouse has been a fun one.

You can also see where I get my inspiration from by visiting my Pinterest account!