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Rustic House Elevation Sketch

Hi guys, I’m back to share the Rustic House – Digital Sketch.
So far, I’ve been keeping things moving forward step by step with this Digital Sketch learning process. However, it came the moment of showing what I’ve been making myself off.

Rustic House Elevation Sketch

Usually, I sketch for clients who already paid for my residential design services. The goal of my sketches with them is to express my conceptual approach to their houses. So, there are no clients judging my drawing skills and design abilities through those sketches. This case is completely different.

I found myself preparing a presentation for this significant contractor in Minnesota who has a House Development approved and needed a professional to create a concept for the houses to build there. After having that conceptual design defined, there would come a 12 Spec Houses Project contract and the customs houses designed for the most exclusive customers. So, it was kind of important, wasn’t it?. 

There was no time to design even a single house for that presentation. Anyway, it wasn’t going to make any sense to spend all that time and effort on just an opportunity to get a contract. So, I went with my golden rule on these cases, I have to make them think this way by the end of the presentation: “This could not be the house design that I’m looking for, but definitely, this is the professional that I’m looking for”

So, I started sketching different houses and different angles. It was a single man brainstorming, lots of ideas came and went. After a while, one of those sketches stood out in front of my eyes, so I decided to move on just with that one. I needed a grand slam, not a bunch of hits. That was going to make the client think about how assertive I am, “This guy is going to nail it, and he will do it fast”.

Rustic House Elevation Sketch
House Elevation Sketch Process

In the end, I came up with this image that makes me super proud. Everything that I was struggling with in the process is finally solved. I love everything about this sketch since It is a beautiful graphical achievement. Also, it is a professional one since it got me that significant contract.

Rustic House Elevation Sketch

That is the story of how the Digital Sketch learning process got me this significant contract. All through a single image of the Rustic House – Digital Sketch. I think I finally got the fundaments. Also, I figured out a workflow for my needs and the personal style that I’m defining. This one is the first of a new cycle in that process.

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