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Sketches for a Residential Building
Serenity Building Sketches - Residential Building

Hey guys, today I’m sharing a Serenity Veterans Sketches, a set of sketches made for a residential building for war veterans in Texas.

Residential Building Sketches

This is a project entirely out of the standard for me. Even when it is a residential building, it is not for the traditional family but the military family. This building needs to hold twelve people in groups of four. So it will be like a small condo, a multifamily solution for war veterans that don’t live with their actual families.

I am designing it as a module to be repeated as many times as possible on the property. That is why I went with the U shape layout to create internal outdoor space for gathering. Also, in the corners of the “U”, I plan to set administrative services and space for indoor group activities.

Residential Building Floor Plan Sketch

Now let’s talk about the sketches. Firstly, I’m trying to stay in the rough sketching that I started a time ago. I’m searching for improving on it without working as much as I did with the detailed illustration. That is something I still can’t do with the floor plans. I feel like they are easier to read by illustrating them a bit more than the elevations.

Residential Building Elevation Sketch

The Veteran’s theme made me decide to go with a Navy Blue background. Also, I kept it as minimal as possible by using just white as a fill color. Lines are graphite grey, like a traditional pencil. The only missing color to have the flag represented would be red. However, I think it is patriotic enough as it is right now.

Residential Building Elevation Sketch

As you already know, I’m not American. But years after working with an American team helping American people to create their dream houses, I understand how respected veterans are to their society. With this project, I show my respect. It is my way to say, “Thank you for your service.”

Residential Building Elevation Sketch

That is how the Digital Sketch learning process has been going. Serenity Veterans Sketches has been a joy to draw.

I’m planning to start posting videos of my sketching sessions on my Instagram. Check it out!

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