Grandiose Lakehouse Concept

Sketches for a Grandiose Lakehouse.
Sketches for a Grandiose Lakehouse

Hey guys, thanks for coming back. Today I’m sharing these Sketches for a Grandiose Lakehouse. Usually, I use this kind of post to talk about my Digital Sketching Learning Process. However, this post is about the project itself. 

Sketches for a Grandiose Lakehouse

This Lakehouse is a commission from a young couple building their lake retreat. Even when it is a Lakehouse, they wanted to have a magnificent piece representing them.

Lake House Plan

The owners are the most active, sparkling, and fun people I have met at Rock Creek. As soon as we started meeting, ideas began to flow, and they never stopped coming! That’s why I didn’t even have the chance to make a decent illustration of the concept. These rough sketches are all I could get done.
She is so detail-oriented that we quickly moved on to the modeling phase to start discussing all the interior features they foresaw from the beginning. It was a fun experience. There was always laughing and a good mood at every meeting we had. It was a joy!

Sketches for a Grandiose Lakehouse

Lots of friends and family members will spend time at this house. It will hold unforgettable holiday gatherings. Also, kids will create special memories that they will remember forever.

Thank you so much for looking at my Sketches for a Grandiose Lakehouse. You can also see all my inspiration source on my Pinterest account!

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