Solar Bistró Urbansketch, Santa Rosa

Solar Bistró, Santa Rosa -

This Solar Bistró, Santa Rosa – Urbansketch is a piece I drew for my Santa Rosa Sketch Project. Even though it has been a long time, I always kept it in mind. This Sketch idea was born back in 2017 when I started visiting Santa Rosa for UrbanSketching purposes. It also was a long process with some pre-sketches I drew on site. Then I drew some others in my studio and finally! I applied watercolor to my 2018 Inktober sketch.

As I said, the initial sketch was already inked back in 2018. Actually, it has been a successful pin on my Sketches Board on Pinterest. So people keep pinning and pinning it, how am I going to forget about it. Even more, some people have copied it and posted besides mine as tried pins. In consequence, I feel not only flattered but also encouraged to keep working on it.

Solar Bistró Urbansketch- Sketchbook on desk showing watercolor sketch
Solar Bistró Urbansketch

hmmm, I’m still not sure about this one, it’s hard to capture on paper that image in my mind. I think I will keep on trying until I get a piece closer to my vision.

Español – Solar Bistró, Santa Rosa – Urbansketch

Esta pieza es un boceto que hice para mi proyecto de Bocetos de Santa Rosa. Y ¡Finalmente! Apliqué color a mi boceto del Inktober 2018.

Como dije, el boceto inicial ya estaba entintado. De hecho, ha sido un pin exitoso en mi Tablero de ketches en Pinterest. Todavía no estoy seguro de este resultado, seguro lo intentaré de nuevo. Resulta siempre es difícil plasmar en el papel esa imagen en mi mente.

Ink And Watercolor Sketch, Urban Sketch Red House and tree.
Watercolor Sketch, Red Wall green door under tree
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