Spring is here! A new season full of hope starts

Spring is here! Yes, a

It has been a long time, but now Spring is here! A new season full of hope starts.

Spring is here! Yes, a new season starts, and with it comes my weekly post time of the year.
Months passed since I made my last post. My job demanded a pause on my website, but now I’m back with enthusiasm and a lot of cool stuff to share.

My Digital Sketching learning process continues, new software, new tools, new techniques, and new results!
Also, house production with Simonson Design Studio has increased by a lot. Not only in quantity, but the quality demanded is even higher. Larger and more high-end houses are now in my portfolio, and of course, I will share them with you guys.

Most of my houses get built by Ceci Bates Custom Homes. However, I usually don’t get to see them made since I work remotely from Southamerica. In this season, I managed to get pictures of some of them from the site. So I will show some of my projects during the building process.

Spring is here! and I’m glad you made it through these pandemic times and the intense winter. Better times are coming, and we need to prepare to embrace and enjoy them, so let’s do it!.

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