Tiny Ranch Sketch – #inktober2019 Day 18

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Tiny Ranch Sketch
Tiny Ranch Sketch

Resuming the challenge, here is a Tiny Ranch Sketch for my #inktober2019 Day 18.

Still struggling with my day by day tasks and posting for the Inktober. Fortunately, great things are happening in my real life (work) so I have not too much time left for the funny virtual life of sketching for the Inktober.

I think I’m done with sketches from my travels. So now I’m starting to post pieces from my local urban sketching. There are some Personal Sketch Projects on pause for the lack of time so I’m revisiting them to make some progress.

Tiny Ranch Sketch

I made this particular piece more than a year ago using a pencil. On my way out of the Santa Rosa town, I spotted this tiny little ranch. It is a small, poor and old house with an extraordinary appeal. It is evident how much love has been put into it. Even though you can tell they have not too much money, you see how careful they are with it.

I have more, let’s say, important shots from Santa Rosa town. But this one captivated me so much that I never forgot it. Now, it came the moment to ink it. For sure I will splash some watercolor over it on my next session, but so far is enough for an Inktober piece.

Tiny Ranch Sketch

I made my very first sketches on this blog were about this little town called Santa Rosa. So making this Tiny Ranch Sketch for the #inktober2019 Day 18 could be called as” back to my roots”.

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