Unique Lakehouse Concept

Sketches for a Stunning Lakehouse
Unique Lakehouse Sketches

Hey guys, thanks for coming back. Today I’m sharing this Unique Lakehouse Concept Design, my new project in the Lake Texoma area.

Lakehouse Site Plan Sketch

That is to be said that this lakehouse is one of the most challenging projects that I have designed in the area. It is a three-building project with the main house, a boathouse, a pool, and a cottage. The challenge was to lay out those components on a triangular lot correctly.

Unique Lakehouse Floor Plan Sketch

This illustration might be one of the last sketches that I draw using SketchBook Pro. I’m leaving it for professional software to improve my results and speed. Sketchbook pro is a tool used by professional illustrators, but it is not a professional tool. There is a.great difference in that.

Unique Lakehouse Front Elevation Sketch

I love Sketchbook Pro. I’ve been using it for years. However, I got enough of its constant flaws. Also, I bought new software, and I’m going to review it in an upcoming post.

Unique Lakehouse side elevation sketch

I showed you that I am working on getting rid of the black lines in my sketches. And again, I’m still working on it. Underneath all those black lines and shadows, there is a work on texture and ambient occlusion that I’ve been improving. I’m proud of that roof/site plan. I achieved the goal of not using black lines.

Unique Lakehouse Rear Elevation Sketch

That is how the Digital Sketch learning process has been going. Unique Lakehouse Concept Design has been a joy.

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