Blue Lakehouse

Sketches for a Lake Farmhouse
Blue Lakehouse Site Sketches

Hey guys, I’m back to share with you another of my Digital Sketches. It is Monday, and I like to give a fresh start to the week. So, that will be my theme for every Monday. Today, I’m sharing Blue Lakehouse Ideas, my new Lakehouse project at Texoma Lake.  

Blue Lakehouse Sketch

This house is going to be used for this family over weekends and holidays. It is located on a lot that has access to the lake. You can get to the water on a short walk. However, the site is surrounded by trees, making it difficult to have great views of the lake. For that reason, we decided to raise the house from the ground. So, the main living area will get the lake views while using the spaces underneath the house for garage, storage, and future expansion.

I’m still in the transition from a rough sketch and a refined illustration of the sketch work. My final goal is to get rid of the black lines on the elevations and roof plans. As I showed you in a previous post, I made it work on the roof plan. But I’m still struggling with the elevations. So I’m keeping the black lines until I get a satisfactory result.

Blue Lakehouse Sketch

Underneath all those black lines, there is a work on texture and ambient occlusion that I’m improving before taking the step of deleting the black lines. In this particular case, I worked with the shadows and how the light glowing affects them. I think I made improvements with the metal roof. It looks glossy now. What do you think?

Blue Lakehouse Sketch

That is how the Digital Sketch learning process has been going. Blue Lakehouse Ideas has been a fun one.

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