Exquisite Contemporary House Plan – Sharing my New Portfolio Post

Unique and Modern Lakehouse -
Contemporary House Plan Render

Hi everyone, I’m back with a new post on my portfolio. It is about an Exquisite Contemporary House Plan.

Would you believe that this house started as a Moden Farmhouse Style? Well, it did. You can check the initial sketches I made for it here. Over my usual weekly discussion with the client, in an unexpected turn of events, they decided to go bold and change the style from Modern Farmhouse to Cotemporary. That decision was shocking and exciting for me. I was finally going to showcase my modernist work.

Check it out!

Unique and Modern Lakehouse

This is an essential house for me, both personally and professionally. It allowed me to showcase my abilities as a contemporary designer in the Pottsboro area. Since I finished this project, I started getting more and more demand for this outstanding house style. I couldn’t be more grateful to God and the support of my builder and clients.

As usual, Ceci Bates Custom Houses, our ally in Pottsboro, is taking care of this Exquisite Contemporary House Plan. So I won’t have to worry because this project is in good hands. Thanks for keeping up with my posts, more projects are coming, and I’m sure you will love them. You can also check out my Instagram feed