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Texas Country House

Magnificent Country House at Denison

I designed this magnificent house as a Texas Pride Country House. The job here was to create a residence to accommodate an extended family away from the city. It shows Traditional Country Look and a flowing functional layout with a warm Social Central Space.

The House shows an extended Front Covered Porch. A door flanked by brick bump-outs that define the Main Entrance. Beyond that door, you get directly into a Great Open Space with the Living Room, Dining Space, and the Kitchen, open to the rear views. Next to the Kitchen, you will find a long hallway leading you to the Secondary Bedrooms, Guest Suite, and the Utility Room.

The Master Suite displays a large Bedroom, A Wet-Room in the Bathroom, and a lovely private Covered Deck to enjoy the Texas sunsets.

Texas Country Design

This Country House – Custom Design in Texas has been created to be built by our partner Ceci Bates Custom Homes. Check out the design process, and look at the Sketches.

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