House Specs

Farmhouse Style

European Style at the Golf Course

Euro House at Rock Creek

We designed this gorgeous Euro-Style house for an extended family in Rock Creek.

This two-story house has masonry walls with different materials. Dark red brick and stones set the primary color mood of the design, while tan painted brick brings brightness as a contrast. Also, the elevation features elements with dark-painted wood board panels displaying traditional European modules.

We went with vertical lines created with windows to emphasize the majestic aspect of the house. Also, we added exquisite curvy details to reaffirm the  European style.

The gathering spaces of this house sit on the rear and feature large crystal panels that open to the stunning views of the golf course woods behind.

An interesting roof line with gables and dark shed roofs crown the design. Metal roof accents reflect sunlight bringing balance and elegance to the top.



The multi-awarded builder, Ceci Bates Custom Homes, will build this Euro Style at the Golf Course at Rock Creek. They are taking good care of this great house’s precious details.

I documented and posted the design process for this house. You can see the set of sketches that gave birth to this house.

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