House Specs

Modern Farmhouse Style

Modern Rustic Lakehouse

Overlooking Lake Texoma

Modern Rustic Style Lakehouse Plan is designed for a social family, constantly gathering and receiving guests. We placed all the main spaces and that stunning view everyone wants to enjoy. We also designed it to be seen since it shows excellent elevation from the lake that will make anyone fall in love.

The house is on a steep slope. So, even when you see two stories on the front, it has three levels. One of them is below the street level. The aesthetical concept for this house is a mix of Rustic and Modern styles. We are combining reclaimed wood panels with slick metal roofs and accents. The wood panels are displayed vertically and horizontally to break the pure geometry. Multiple gables crown the whole elevation, and also they define the axis of the house where the primary access outstands

Everything in this house is thought of with a lake view. So The rear elevation of this house is full of balconies and observation spots. The great room displays a floor-to-ceiling set of windows, while every room views the Stunning Lake Texoma.

Modern Rustic Lakehouse Exterior

Ceci Bates Custom Homes will build this Modern and Rustic Lakehouse at Lake Texoma, Texas. You can look at the Sketches that gave birth to this project, and also know the story behind it by visiting the Rustic also modern Farmhouse Sketches post.

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