Small Country House

Digital Sketching at Lake Bemidji
Small Country House Sketch Elevation

Hi guys, I’m back to share the Small Country House – Digital Sketch.
It is about an Addition that I designed for an existing Country House.

Somebody told me once, “Don’t sell what you already sold.” So when the client has accepted the concept, the proposal, or even the contract agreement, don’t go overdressing it. You could ruin the workflow by making them think about out-of-context stuff.

Small Country House Sketch Elevation

Initially, I wasn’t going to illustrate this house. It was about a simple addition design that I quickly solved with rough sketches. When projects get functionally solved that fast, we immediately jump to the modeling phase. There wasn’t too much “Architecture” involved, so we moved on to the next stage.

However, It came to my mind the idea of how to overlap layers and lights in Sketchbook pro. I needed a small piece to practice, something not too complicated because it was just about a test. This one was handy, so I went for it.

Small Country House Floor Plan Sketch

With this sketch, I was trying to establish a definitive technique for the light glow on windows. I liked it when they first appear back in that Barn House, so I kept showing them. The thing is that I was trying different ways of achieving it on every single piece. In some cases, I even had to delete it to start the process all over again. 

Small Country House Roof Sketch

Maybe it is not the best of the results, but definitively, I found the procedure. Next time something like this happens to me, I will record a timelapse video to share with you guys.

Small Country House Sketch Elevation

In the end, the client got to see these images. However, I didn’t break that golden rule. That didn’t happen until it was strictly necessary, only when the whole process depended on it, and again, a sketch saved the day.

That is how the Digital Sketch learning process has been going. Small Country House – Digital Sketch helped me finally define my House Design Template on SketchBook Pro.

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