My Digital Sketch Experience

Round Up 01
Small Country House Sketch Elevation

It has been more than a year since I started posting about My Digital Sketch Experience. A lot has happened since then, not only in my learning process but also in my work. Today I’m making a wrap up of what I could define as a first phase, selecting the 10 most representative projects.

In some cases, I didn’t like the results of my sketches. In some others, I got led by the excitement of finishing a specific piece, and I went directly to posting it. So this post is about defining the first phase of my experience and also giving it a chronological order.

This first phase is about discovering the tools. Both hardware and software were new for me, so I struggled to adapt. Initially, as a natural approach, I tried to replicate my workflow in traditional media. So these are my achievements in that direction, all expressed through 10 selected sketches:

Well, that is the order of how things happened. For a guy who is an order freak, this was killing me, so now I feel released :D. This first cycle ended when I controlled the hardware and software. It ended when I started to own the tools, and seeing the new things that I could do with them.

You can already see pieces from the next phase posted. My Digital Sketch Experience is still going on, and soon I will make the same wrap up from the second phase, which is about trying to define a style. I’m looking forward to getting to a recognizable aesthetic for my work.

Thanks for keeping up, Sketch on!

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