My Digital Sketching Experience

Round Up 02
Contemporary House elevation sketch

In the initial phase of this learning digital sketching process, I tried to replicate somehow the kind of illustrations I used to do by hand. I learned to control Sketchbook Pro software and my Pen Tablet until I got something good enough to share. So that became my phase 01 round-up selection of sketches.

I’m still in the exciting and sometimes frustrating process of learning. Here I share with you a selection of sketches that conform to what I think is Phase 02 on this path.

Biker’s House

Sketching has always been an essential element in my creative process as an architect. Learning digital sketching gave me some skills, and it has become a crucial piece to share with clients. Even more, sketches are now part of developers’ marketing pieces on the selling strategy. That makes me proud but also pushes me to get better at it.
Even though that, I was doing things the same way that I did working on paper. I was not using all the features and techniques of Digital Art. I realized that, and I started digging into them. That and defining a style are my primary goals in this phase.

I will start posting videos of my sketching process on my Instagram, so check it out. Thanks for keeping up, and Sketch on!

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