My Digital Sketching Experience

Round Up 03

In the previous phase of my Digital Sketching experience, I achieved pretty nice illustrations for my House Projects. I added textures, shadows, brightness, glow, and whatnot. I created a sophisticated template with many images and effects layers to set up a working environment that suited my goals. However, I needed more on my Digital Sketching experience, so I took a step back.

In phase three of this digital sketching learning process, I decided to go back to the rough sketches. Even when I was happy with phase two results, I felt like I was going on an illustrative path that was taking me away from the main goal. The main goal is to communicate the idea in an effective, beautiful, but fast way.

The day I decided to go rough, not using more than three layers, and limiting my zoom to avoid detailing, was the day when this third phase started, and it went like this:

Outstanding Modern Farmhouse Elevation

Outstanding Modern Farmhouse

I love the resulting pieces of my previous phase. I love even more the helpful template with all the productive environment that I created. However, I was going into a dead-end that was demanding more and more details on every piece. The good thing is that phase two will be there to revisit. There will always be a project demanding a detailed illustration, and the tool will be ready for that.

In phase three, Sketching this way is taking me back to a point where I can make a different choice on the path I want to move on. So this is for sure a temporary phase. I will start posting videos of my sketching process on my Instagram, so check it out. Thanks for keeping up, and Sketch on!