My Digital Sketching Experience

Roundup 04
Rustic also Modern Farmhouse Sketch Front Elevation

In the previous phase of my Digital Sketching experience, I took a step back, so I started drawing different kinds of rough sketches. Eventually, I started evolving to a fast and still appealing illustration that let me make better expressions of my designs without spending an excessive amount of time on them. I was trying to find the right balance between effort, time, and results. That is what phase 04 is all about. That is why you might notice back and forth in terms of results.

In some cases, I went too illustrative and rough in some others. That is me trying to find the balance I was looking for. Also, I started adding occlusion techniques and falling off in this phase, always trying to keep short the time needed to finish these pieces.

Digital Sketches for a Lakehouse

Lakehouse Remodel

In phase four, I tried different ways, and I’m defining a couple of my styles in Sketching. I think it is the best way to respond to each situation in my daily practice. The next phase of My Digital Sketching Experience has already begun. I will start posting right away. Please, check out my Instagram. I’m posting there sooner.

Thanks for keeping up, and Sketch on!

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